An example for Catholic entities to follow: Proposal – Modern Slavery Risk Management Program From 2021 to 30 June 2023 / Eradicate modern slavery in all its forms from the operations and supply chains of Catholic entities in Australia


ACAN risk management program 2022-23 (the Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network) OBJECTIVE:

Eradicate modern slavery in all its forms from the operations and supply chains of Catholic entities in Australia. ACAN is at the forefront of efforts to eradicate modern slavery nationally and globally.

The third party costs for tools, consultants, training and compliance are shared by ACAN entities and underwritten by the Archdiocese of Sydney and coordinated by the Anti-Slavery Taskforce.


ACAN participating entities are united in the belief that action against modern slavery is fundamental to Catholic Social Teaching. So too is the protection of the life and dignity of workers trapped in modern slavery everywhere. We seek to work for the Common Good and actively collaborate with all relevant sectors – Government, business and community. We will be open, respectful and inclusive with other entities and freely share learnings and resources which support the delivery of our mandate.


ACAN – the Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network – emerged as a key recommendation from a groundbreaking conference, organised by the Anti-Slavery Taskforce, held in July 2019.

The Eradicating Modern Slavery from Catholic Supply Chains Conference was attended by over 100 executives representing 45 Catholic entities to canvas practical steps to comply with the MSA.

Arising from the Conference, the Catholic Action in Australia to Eradicate Modern Slavery from Supply Chains Progress Report was launched in September 2019, outlining for the first time the potential modern slavery risk in the operations and supply chains of major Catholic entities in Australia.

Modern Slavery Statements required by the MSA are available on the government’s public register. Identifying and addressing modern slavery risks and reporting on the risks and actions taken is highly complex and will not be fixed quickly or easily. Designing and implementing a process to identify and mitigate operational modern slavery risks has been a substantial exercise..

ACAN brings together Catholic entities to share resources and coordinate action to manage and address modern slavery risk across their industry sectors.

The Anti-Slavery Taskforce coordinates the collaboration of over 45 Catholic entities that comprise ACAN and provide direct support to senior executives tasked with the new obligations about supply chain transparency and implementation of a comprehensive modern slavery risk management program.


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