53rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council of the United Nations

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HERE is the provisional programme of work for the 53rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which will be held from 19 June to 14 July 2023.

The Order of Malta’s Ambassador to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons will intervene on the following themes:

  • Custody, violence against women and violence against children (HRC/53/36).
  • Trafficking in persons and international protection (HRC/53/28).
  • Impact of technological advances on prevention of genocide efforts and on the risks of the perpetration of genocide (HRC/53/45).
  • How to expand and diversify regularization mechanisms and programmes to enhance the protection of the human rights of migrants (HRC/53/26).
  • Providing legal options to protect the human rights of persons displaced across international borders due to climate change (HRC/53/34).